Hi everyone, 

This post is to let you know that the nomination period has officially commenced and will end on Monday, April 25, 2022. All TST graduate students received an email notifying them of the nomination period on Wednesday, April 6, 2022.

I, Mia Theocharis, will be acting as the Chief Returning Officer for this years nominations as my presidential term comes to an end. All nominations are to be sent directly to me at mia.theocharis@mail.utoronto.ca. Candidates must be nominated by 2 of their peers and be willing to serve; College representatives must also be registered at the college in question. Nominees will receive either notice of their acclamation or details regarding the election process (if necessary) at the end of the nomination period which is April 25, 2022. 

It is important for all of you to be aware that we have several positions on the board that need to be filled, particularly important are the Executive positions. As you can see below the entire Executive board needs to be filled. Therefore, I’m asking each of you to please take part in this process by having conversations with your friends and classmates about who you feel would be great for a role/willing to serve and then nominating them. 

Below is the list of all vacant positions available on the TGSA Board (as of April 8, 2022). Please note that all positions are for a two-year term, and have duties as described in section D of the TGSA Policies & Procedures. (NB: The updated versions of TGSA’s Constitution and Policies & Procedures will be posted next week on our website). 

1. President 
2. VP Academic
3. VP External 
4. VP Conferences 
5. VP Communications
6. Treasurer 

College Representatives:
1. Knox  
3. St. Michael’s  
4. Wycliffe 

Program Representatives: 
1. Master of Theology 
2. Master of Arts 

1. Secretary 

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to me at mia.theocharis@mail.utoronto.ca. I thank you in advance for taking part in this process!


Mia Theocharis 
Chief Returning Officer
TGSA Nominations/Elections 2022

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