Sign the Petition for Tuition Fee Exemption!

Hi all,

We are asking TGSA members, in particular PhD students, to sign this petition for tuition fee exemption. In light of COVID concerns, TGSA will be asking for a semester of tuition exemption, should you extend 4 years of your program. In order to make this a feasible ask, we need significant support from the student body, so please consider signing!

By signing this petition, you represent your support that a tuition fee exemption be applied to one semester of your conjoint PhD program at TST. In short, you will be supporting the motion that your TGSA (Toronto Graduate Student Association) representatives wish to bring to TST officials on your behalf. It is a motion for a tuition fee exemption in light of COVID-19, that the seven TST member colleges allow one term without tuition to any TST PhD student currently enrolled who, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, has found themselves delayed in their program. In recognition of the fact that this exemption was originally intended for current PhD students in the last semester of their program, we are now asking that this tuition exemption fee be applied to the final semester of any PhD student’s program, should the student exceed four years.

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