Statement to the University of Toronto’s Mandatory Leave Policy

The TGSA Board has become aware of concerns surrounding UofT’s most recent policy on mandated leave. While we are waiting to receive a copy of the policy to review, we are researching more about the policy itself and potential resources, as well as communicating with relevant offices.

In the meantime, please take a look at other student organizations’ responses, including UTSU ( and GSU (

We will continue to advocate and support the needs of all TGSA members. For questions or concerns, please contact your TGSA College Representative. We appreciated your patience and shared commitment to all students on this matter.

-TGSA Exec.

College Reps contact information:

Emmanuel College – Gina Bae (
St.Michael’s College – Fiona Li (
Regis College – Liam Farrer (
Knox College – Mike Anderson (
Trinity College – Robbie Walker (
Wycliffe College – Carolyn Mackie (

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