Results of the Elections

Dear Graduate Students,

At this afternoon’s Annual General Meeting of the TST Graduate Students’ Association, it was announced that Fiona Li was elected as the Vice President Academic, with 30 votes (Warren Campbell of Wycliffe College received 26 votes and Marie Green of the University of St Michael’s College received 12 votes) of the 68 votes cast. This was a participation rate of 25.28% of eligible voters.

The current TGSA Board of Representatives is therefore:

President – Allison Murray (2016-2018)
Treasurer – Gordon Brown (2016-2018)
Vice President Academic – Fiona Li (2016-2018)
Vice President Conferences – Melanie Kampen (2016-2018)
Vice President External – vacant

Program Representatives
Bible – Trenton Voth (2016-2018)
History – vacant
Pastoral – vacant
Theology – vacant (2015-2017)
Contextual – Rachel Ball (2015-2017)
Master of Arts – vacant
Master of Theology – vacant
Doctor of Ministry – vacant

College Representatives
Emmanuel – Lindsay Ann Cox (2016-2018)
Knox – Margaret J. Perry (2016-2018)
Regis – Robyn Boeré (2015-2017)
St. Michael’s – Benjamin Lujan (2015-2017)
Trinity – vacant
Wycliffe – Stephen Hewko (2015-2017)

Non-Voting Officers and Guests
Secretary – vacant
Returning Officer – Matthew Charlesworth (2016)
UTSU Director – Orvin Lao (2016-2018)
ICS Delegate – Dean Detloff (2015-)

If you wish to contact the TGSA please feel free to email

The full report that I submitted to the Annual General Meeting on the election can be found on the TGSA website here.


Matthew Charlesworth (Regis College)
Chief Returning Officer and out-going Treasurer,
TST Graduate Students’ Association (TGSA)

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