2013-2014 Events

Welcome to a new year at the Toronto School of Theology! The Advanced Degree Students’ Association – your students’ association – is planning another full year of professional development and social activities. We’ve already had a great turnout to our SSHRC/OGS grant writing panel and welcome BBQ this month. In October and November we will be hosting a pair of professional development seminars on how to get a job. We expect the first panel to focus on academic jobs and the second on job opportunities outside the academy. As for social events, we’re planning a pub night with a professor towards the end of the year, possibly in December.

After the season of Christmas (and deadlines!), we’d like to start January with a lunch for students in their first year and a half, giving us an opportunity to get to know you better and hear about your experience in the program so far. In January we’ll also be convening a panel on the timely question of how to stay sane in graduate school. Next, February will see a seminar on the perennial challenge of getting published. Then comes March and our second annual student conference! This year we hope to have a call for papers related to the theme of spirituality. Finally, April will bring our elections, annual general meeting, and another pub night.

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