Seminar Hospitality Grants

Each year, the TGSA Board sets aside five grants of up to $100 in support of student groups wishing to host discipline- or area-of-concentration-specific seminars. These grants are intended for hospitality expenses to at such events, which are further opportunities for students to share and learn from each other. In the past, such seminars have included the Bible Seminar and a Worship/Liturgy seminar, among others. TGSA believes that such efforts are worthy of support and wants to continue to encourage seminar groups by offering these small grants.

In order to qualify for a grant, two student co-ordinators representing a proposed seminar must submit an application. Applications are to be sent to the TGSA Board Attn: Treasurer by November 8, 2017 and should include a short précis (max 250 words) explaining the purpose of the seminar, a signed promise to follow the TGSA parameters (detailed below), contact information for the two co-ordinators, and a tentative schedule of events. The TGSA board will review applications, awarding grants to the strongest proposals. A strong proposal should be able to explain the relevance of the seminar to its particular field, demonstrate academic rigour, and detail its appeal to TST students.
After a successful proposal, seminars must be announced to the TGSA community, be open to all TGSA students, and be held at an accessible space on or near the TST campus. The seminar groups must report on their activity in advance of the TGSA AGM in April 2018. Last year TGSA funded only one of these seminars – we hope we can see all of the allotted funds dispersed this year, so please submit your proposals. 

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