Nominations are now open for the following positions on the TGSA Board of Representatives:

Vice President External
Emmanuel College Representative
St. Michael’s College Representative
Trinity College Representative
Master of Arts Program Representative
Master of Theology Program Representative
Doctor of Ministry Program Representative
Biblical Concentration Representative
Theology Concentration Representative
Contextual Concentration Representative

If you are interested in one of these positions, or have a colleague you believe would be a good candidate for one of them, please contact the Returning Officer, Michael Buttrey, at
Candidates must be willing to serve, in the college, program, or concentration to be represented (if applicable), and be nominated by two of their peers by midnight on Friday, May 31. Nominees will receive either notice of their acclamation or details regarding the election process (if necessary) by email after the 31st.

All positions are for two-year terms, and have the following duties:
The Vice-President External will be TGSA’s principal liaison with University of Toronto student unions, attending one UTSU and GSU meeting each year, inviting TST’s UTSU representative (if any) to TGSA meetings, and meeting with them separately if they are unable to attend. They will also work with the University of Toronto and other Board members to inform TST students about and improve their access to university services, and build TGSA’s relationship with TST affiliated colleges, inviting local student representatives to attend TGSA meetings.

College Representatives will be TGSA’s principal liaison with graduate students at their college, reporting the concerns of students at their college at TGSA meetings and posting announcements of TGSA events and opportunities on their college’s bulletin boards and social media groups. They will also attend their college’s student orientation and introduce themselves as their college’s representative at TGSA, and work with other college representatives to build relationships between graduate students at different colleges. The TGSA member holding this position must be an active and registered student of the College that they represent.

Program Representatives will be TGSA’s principal liaison with graduate students in their program, reporting the concerns of students in their program at TGSA meetings and working with other Board members to better understand the issues faced by students in their program through polls, public meetings, and social media. The TGSA member holding this position must be an active and registered student of the program that they represent.

Concentration Representatives are responsible for updating the Board and, by extension, TGSA members of professional development opportunities specific to their area, such as conferences, call for papers, fellowships, job openings, and funding opportunities. Concentration representatives should also work to connect students in their concentration with colleagues across the TST colleges.
For more details on the positions or the election process, please see sections D and E of the TGSA Policies and Procedures, available at

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