Notice of Referendum

TGSA – Notice of Referendum

Currently, TGSA members in conjoint programs do not pay Student Life fees to the University of Toronto, and as a result, TGSA members do not have access to a variety of services Student Life provides through the Centre for International Student Experience, Athletics, Hart House, the Career Centre, Counselling Services, and other offices. Provincial regulations stipulate student associations (such as TGSA) must opt into any non-academic fees, making a referendum on Student Life fees a necessary step in gaining access to any additional services.

This referendum concerns the 265 TGSA members enrolled in conjoint degree programs. Non- conjoint students would not be impacted by the outcome of this pending referendum and will not be able to cast a ballot in it. Additional details, including the estimated cost of these non- academic fees and a complete list of additional services to which TGSA members in conjoint programs would gain access, will be made available via email and on TGSA’s website shortly.

As per TGSA’s Policies and Procedures regarding referenda, the Board commissioned a Referendum Committee at its December meeting. This committee consists of:

• Carla Marcoccia (St Mike’s) – Returning Officer & Chair

• Matthew Bowman (Trinity College) – Official “NO” Representative

• Robyn Boeré (Regis College) – Official “YES” Representative

• Trent Voth (Emmanuel College) – Neutral Committee Member

• Allison Murray (Emmanuel College) – Neutral Committee Member

The referendum process will unfold as follows:

1. TGSA Board members will consult with relevant offices within both TST and UofT to ensure that information disseminated to TGSA students is accurate and up to date

2. A town hall meeting on Student Life fees is scheduled for January 12th, 5 – 7pm in EM119 at Emmanuel College

a. All students are encouraged to save the time slot and attend

b. Representatives from the Referendum Committee, TST, and the UofT will be present to provide information and answer students’ questions

c. Information from the town hall will be made available to students unable to attend

3. A second Notice of Referendum, which will include the final wording of the referendum question, will be circulated after the town hall meeting

4. Voting will take place online via ACORN between January 20th and February 3rd

5. A report on the results of the referendum will be submitted to the TGSA Board on February 7th

6. TGSA will submit our report on the referendum results to TST and the University of Toronto by February 10th

The Referendum Committee, on behalf of the TGSA Board, encourages all conjoint degree student members to contact us with your comments, questions, and concerns. We also encourage students not on the TGSA Board to play a role on the Referendum Committee. We are seeking additional Yes and No representatives to help ensure a fair, open, and engaged referendum. Please contact either the TGSA Board at tgsa[at] or Carla Marcoccia, Referendum Committee Chair, at carla.marcoccia[at]

Sincerely, the TGSA Referendum Committee

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