TGSA Conference Award



TST Graduate Students’ Association (TGSA)


The TGSA Conference Award is awarded to a graduate (advanced degree) student who requires support for scholarly engagement in an academic conference; and, has exhibited excellence in their studies by maintaining first-class standing and satisfactory progress in their program. The awards are designated solely to support participation in scholarly conferences (for example, the AAR/SBL or Canadian Congress of the Humanities, among others). The TGSA Conference Award will normally be awarded to students who do not qualify for the GCTS Conference Award owing to the restrictions set down by the OSOTF (Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Funds). In the event that there are insufficient applicants who are not eligible for OSOTF funding, then the TGSA Conference Award may be awarded to applicants who are eligible for OSOTF funding.

Application Requirements

The following are required:

  1. A very brief letter (max. 250 words in MS Word or PDF) describing both: the significance of the conference; and, the student’s academic achievements.
  2. Proof of the acceptance of a scholarly paper at a conference, along with the actual conference proposal.
  3. TST “OSOTF Financial Need Assessment Form.” This form includes a declaration of financial need. The statement of eligibility will assist in determining the prioritization of the awards.
  4. A written declaration giving TST permission to use your name and photograph in publicity on its website.

Awards Pool

There is approximately $1,200 total in the awards pool. Each individual award is typically a maximum of $300, with up to four awards offered annually. The TGSA has formally requested that the GCTS handle the advertising, short-listing, selection and awarding of the TGSA Conference Award. The GCTS Executive will rank applicants for the award in the event other funds become available or a student declines the award. The GCTS shall notify the TGSA Executive of the successful applicant and the TGSA Treasurer shall arrange payment of the award to the successful applicant. Award winners who do not end up attending the conference will have to refund to the TGSA the entire award amount. Award winners may not apply for the award in the next academic year, but may apply for further awards after that

Awarded by

This award is managed, at the request of the TGSA, by the GCTS Office. The funds awarded are from those controlled by the TGSA, and the amount of the annual Awards Pool is approved annually by the TGSA Board. The TGSA Conference Award is envisioned to be offered alongside the GCTS Conference Award – which currently is restricted owing to its funding source. In the event that the source of funds or eligibility requirements for the GCTS Conference Award changes, the TGSA Board may reconsider the eligibility requirements for the TGSA Conference Award.


Fall deadline, for Fall and Winter conferences (typically held between September to February):

  • Monday, November 16, 2015 (5pm)

Spring deadline, for conferences held in the Spring and Summer:

  • To be announced
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