Academic Handbooks Archive

Student handbooks from 2009-2010 onwards are now available online. Here’s TST’s policy on handbook changes from the 2013-2014 ThD/PhD handbook: “With respect to program requirements, a student is normally governed by the requirements that were in place when he or she first registered in the program. Students cannot be bound by changes in program requirements, though they have the right to opt into any change if they wish. Most changes in policy and procedures, however, will be applicable to all students once they have been incorporated into the Handbook, especially those that involve TST structures (e.g., committees, thesis defence procedures) or that are mandated by the terms of our ATS accreditation (e.g., course or program evaluation) or our U of T affiliation (e.g., appeals process). It is the student’s responsibility to stay informed about changes to the Handbook and to seek advice when unsure as to which edition of the Handbook is applicable. If a student feels that he or she has been put at a disadvantage by changes in policy or procedure, he or she can petition the ADC to allow the original Handbook to be followed in this instance or to make other appropriate accommodations.”

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