Fall 2013 Travel Bursaries

This semester we have three bursaries available at $200 each for current AD students presenting at conferences outside of Ontario before December 31st, 2013.

To apply for a bursary please contact the ADSA with the following information by Monday, September 30:

1) Name
2) College and program
3) Title of paper accepted by conference
4) Date, name, and location of the conference
5) Names and amounts of any other scholarships or bursaries

(Note: at our last board meeting we agreed winners of a SSHRC or any other combination of scholarships and/or bursaries totalling $20,000 or more would not be eligible for travel bursaries this year.)

Eligible names will be drawn at random at the ADSA board meeting on October 3rd and winners will be notified shortly thereafter. Winners will be asked to write a brief summary of their conference presentation experience to be posted online. The next set of travel bursaries will be announced in February.

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